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Flower delivery

We deliver our bouquet from Umeå in the north to Malmö down south. Your flowers are delivered in a beautiful box with that extra WOW- factor. Order your bouquet of flowers either for a special occasion or start to subscribe to flowers to get a delivery on a regular basis!

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Your happiness is our goal! If something isn’t 100% perfect, we'll go the extra mile to make it right. read more about our 3 guarantees to you as our customer

This is how our subscription works

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1. Order your bouquet

Choose between four different sizes ( small, medium, large and extra large) pick your frequency ( either each / every other / every 4th week ) and how long you want the subscription to last ( either 3 / 6 / or 12 months continually ) Choose the receiver and a start date. Lean back and enjoy the rest!


2. receive your box of flowers

Your handtied bouquet is delivered in an exclusive flower box and gets sent straight to your door or mailbox in the morning. terms hereThe person who receives the flower will get a notification by text.

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3. pause or cancel your subscription

Heading out of town for a week or two? No worries - you can pause your subscription or change the delivery date. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do that on my pages no later than three days before planned delivery

Flower Delivery across all of Sweden

We deliver out flowers from Helsingborg in the South to Luleå in the north with a few exceptions. .See if we deliver to your adress here.

Happiness Guaranteed

Does the flowers in your bouquet feel a bit sad, or have any stem broken off during the shipment? No worries! We promise to live up to our 3 guarantees to you as a customer

Exclusive flower box

A bouquet should be thoroughly enjoyed! That's why our flowers get delivered in an exclusive box. The flowers are wrapped neatly in korean silk paper and tied together with a silk ribbon.

Inspiration & reflection


Let your business flourish! Send flowers to your customers and your employees. You can also sign up for an exciting partnership with us! Read more this.

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