Take your photos to the next level with storytelling

Can you see the difference between the two photos? Which one tells a story and which one is "just good looking"?

Styling med storytelling
Styling with storytelling

Storytelling is something that can take our photo to the next level. In our Online Course we go into all the details of storytelling and discuss how we can tell a story with our photo and how we can make the viewer identify with our photo.

The different composition techniques that we go through in the course are great for guiding the viewer to what's important in the photo. This will of course help us in the storytelling.

Lär dig berätta en historia med din bild
Learn how to tell a story with your photo

Something else that helps us in the storytelling is to add a "human element" to the photo. Maybe in the form of a hand tying a bouquet. Can you see the difference the hands makes in the phto below?

Storytelling mänskligt element
Tell a story with your photo by adding a "human element" to it

We can all relate to other humans so if we see other people in the image it is easier for us to identify with the photo. If we include facial expressions as well it's even easier to set the mood in the image.

Fotografering - ansiktsuttryck
Facial expressions is a great way to set the mood in the photo

Do you want to learn how to take your photos to the next level and improve your styling skills? Register for our online course ”Styling & Storytelling". You will also get access to personal feedback (via our Facebook group) and tips and tricks on how you can improve your photos.

Onlinekurs inom styling & berättande fotografi
Online course "Styling & Storytelling"

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