Capture beautiful images with natural light

The light is crucial for your photos! If the light is bad it's difficult to get good pictures no matter how awesome your DSLR is or how great you've styled the scene!

In this post we are going to share our very best photography tips on how to get beautiful pictures without studio equipment - only using natural light. It is easy to think that if we only had a better camera or lens, the photos would be better, but usually the limitations are not set in the equipment.

Vackra bilder med naturligt ljus
Capture beautiful images with natural light

1. Study the light around you

I love shooting with natural light and a lot of times I walk around in my house studying the light as it falls through the windows. I also study how the shadows fall on the objects close to the window. By studying the light around us we get a good understanding of how we can work with the natural light and take advantage of it.

Try to place an object close to one of your windows and study how the shadows fall differently depending on the time of day, the direction of the window or the weather outside. You will also notice that the time of year plays a role in how the light and shadows fall.

Fota med naturligt ljus
Place an object in front of the window and study how the shadows fall

2. Avoid direct sunlight

One might think that a sunny day with blue skies is the best weather for photography, but often times the pictures end up with too much contrast when we shoot in direct sunlight and we also might lose some details in the photo (that might be tricky to recover even in the the editing process). So a cloudy day is actually a perfect day for photography!

Undvik direkt solljus
Preferably shoot on a cloudy day

3. Spread the light coming in through your window

In case you have direct sunlight pouring in through your windows when you're shooting there are ways to handle it. Professional photographers often use diffusers to soften the light, but if you don't have that try to tape some baking paper on the windows or hang a semi-transparent curtain in front of your window. The light will then spread out in a nice way and you will get beautiful photos.

4. Work with the shadows

In the beginning when I first started out with photography, I tried to get as much light as possible in my photos. The thing, though, with too much light and no shadows is that the photo looks flat. Once I started experimenting with the shadows I discovered that it is much easier to get beautiful textures and shapes with more shadows. My photos went from being flat to more three-dimensional. So start experimenting with the shadows and find your own style! Maybe you prefer bright and airy photos over dark and moody? And also we might want to adjust the amount of light depending on the subject we are shooting. We might want more light for portrait photos (to make the wrinkles disappear! 🙂) for example than photos like this:

Jobba med skuggorna
The shadows will help you to get beatiful textures and shapes

4 comments to “Fota vackra bilder med naturligt ljus”

  1. Tack för fina tips! Älskar dina fotografier. 🖤

    1. Åh, va kul att höra! Tack snälla! <3

  2. Naturligt ljus, är det bästa ljuset.

    1. Ellerhur!! Vad fina bilder du tar!


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